Arco 2015 — Galerie In situ — Fabienne Leclerc


Mixed media

Arco 2015
Galerie In situ — Fabienne Leclerc

Past: February 25 → March 1, 2015

Mark Dion, Renaud Augute-Dormeuil, Otobong Nkanga…

Otobong Nkanga’s drawings, installations, photographs and sculptures variously examine ideas around land and the value connected to natural resources.

Mark dion sea life 1 hd   copie medium
Mark Dion, Sea Life, 2011 © Mark Dion

Mark Dion is an American artist who metamorphoses into an explorer, biochemist, detective and archeologist.

In his gallery installations around Europe and America since the 1980s, Dion has constructed the laboratories, experiments and museum caches of the great historical naturalists, following in their footsteps in his own adventurous, eco-inspired journeys to the tropics.

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