Carpe Diem


Collage, drawing, graphic design, photography

Carpe Diem

Past: March 16 → April 1, 2017

Carpe Diem Art and Research (CDAP) is a center for contemporary art and curatorial research based in Lisbon’s sixteenth-century Pombal Palace. Since Brazilian curator Paulo Reis founded the center in 2009, CDAP has presented multidisciplinary exhibitions and public programs that engage in the cultural life of Lisbon.

Kogan gallery carpe%20diem 01 medium
Vue de l’exposition Carpe Diem

In 2017, the Kogan Gallery and CDAP became partners on the basis of common values and vision of the art market. Art creates a social bond, it is food for thoughts about our society and that is why it should be addressed to the greatest number of people.

CDAP organized itself in a way that allows them to remain open to a broad public and to encourage the creativity of numerous emerging artists, by selling affortable but high-quality pieces of art. These limited editions, made by the artists as a result of the residency program and offered the Carpe Diem Art and Research, are made to generate the interest of new potential collectors of contemporary art. This project is thus a natural extension of the contemporary art center curatorial program and immersed in a strong new model of cultural sustainability.

Kogan gallery carpe%20diem 02 medium
Vue de l’exposition Carpe Diem

From the 16th of march to the 1st of april, Kogan Gallery will exhibit about 60 limited editions from CDAP’s collection, and will organize a conference by its director and curator Lourenco Egreja on the 18th of March, at 3pm, to put light on the art center’s functioning and philosophy.

We, at the Kogan Gallery, like to think that these limited editions, hanged on our walls, are pieces of memories we will love to share with you.


Artists: Catarina Branco, Pedro Calapez, João Pedro Vale + Nuno Aleksandre Fereirra, Maria Condado, Sara e André, Manuel Caeiro, Joana Bastos, Ana Rito, Joao Grama, Ding Musa, Rosana Ricaldo e Filipe Barbosa, Jose Pedro Croft, Bettina Vaz Guimarães, Carla Chaim, Marcio Vilela, Álvaro Negro, Daniel Caballero, Ângela Ferreira, Adrian Paci, Valter Ventura, Mariana Palma, Antonio Diaz Grande + Raúl Hevia, Paula Scamparini, Tatiana Macedo, José Lourenço, Alejandro Somaschini, Marcia de Moraes, Christina Meirelles, Helena Veiga Gomes, Rosa Reis, Rui Horta Pereira, Heleno Bernardi, Liene Bosquê, Nuno Cera, Filipe Cama, Susana Anágua, Carlos Noronha Feio, Albano Alfonso, João Serra, Rodrigo Oliveira, Daniel Acosta, Misha Bies Golas, Duda Moraes, Joana da Conceição, Helena Martins Costa, Jeanine Cohen, Henrique de França, Fabrizio Matos, Carla Cabanas, Monica de Miranda, Pedro Tudela, Albuquerque Mendes, Joao Dias, Amélie Bouvier, Fernando Velázquez, Costa Vece, Marta Fortes, Gabriela Machado, Inês Teles, Miguel Pacheco, Vasco Araújo, Eduardo Benamor, Luis Nobre, Inês Amado, Mariana Viegas, Ana Léon, Sofa Leitão, Laura Gibellini, Isabel Simões, Leonore Fonseca, et David Oliveira

  • Lecture Saturday, March 18 at 3 PM

    Présentation des œuvres constituant la collection du CDAP ainsi que le mode original de fonctionnement du centre. Conférence organisée par Lourenço Egreja, directeur et commissaire du centre Carpe Diem.

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96, bis rue Beaubourg

75003 Paris

T. 01 42 77 41 18

Arts et Métiers

Opening hours

Tuesday – Friday, 11 AM – 7 PM
Saturday, 2 PM – 7 PM

The artists

  • Vasco Araújo
  • Adrian Paci
  • José Pedro Croft
  • Catarina Branco
  • Pedro Calapez
  • João Pedro Vale & Nuno Aleksandre Fereirra
  • Maria Condado
  • Sara E André
  • Manuel Caeiro
  • Joana Bastos
And many others…