Hors Pistes — Un autre mouvement des images


Film, performance, video

Hors Pistes
Un autre mouvement des images

Past: January 18 → February 3, 2013

An unmissable exhibition abounding in moving images, Hors Pistes recommences in 2013 with the discovery of new forms in contemporary image: projected films and images, exhibited images and performed images. This year the explored theme is the Miniature.

  • Hors Pistes — Soirée d’ouverture Opening Friday, January 18, 2013 at 8 PM

    Hors Pistes has invited the American performer Larua Heit to organise the opening evening. From Poland’s very dynamic art scene, the artist is putting on “The Matchbox Shows”, a play on scale based on match boxes which she herself manipulates.