Huang Yu-Xing — Jardin des révolutionnaires



Huang Yu-Xing
Jardin des révolutionnaires

Past: April 1 → May 26, 2012

Huang Yu-Xing’s paintings atract us beyond the visible in a strong magnetic universe, which unwind us from any known mark. This loss of spatial marks distils an anxiety in almost all of the paintings. The paintings also unveil a feeling of depth and mystery.

The temporality is also a source of doubts. At first, we think that we are dealing with a night-view but the electric aspect of the colors very fast denies this first feeling. Indeed, it is not the night, but more of a sudden darkness (an eclipse?) which is taking over the world.

Moreover, the technique used by the artist contributes to this impression. By using successive coats of paint the paintings pass from an initial diurnal view to a night landscape.

For a few years now, Huang Yu-Xing’s paintings are sort of anterooms towards another reality, as shown in both incandescent Doors, which seem to promise us the access to initiation rituals.

  • Opening Saturday, March 31, 2012 4 PM → 10 PM
Paul Frèches Gallery Gallery
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  • Huang Yu Xing