Jana Gunstheimer — The Gap


Drawing, installation, sculpture

Jana Gunstheimer
The Gap

Ends in about 1 month: April 20 → June 3, 2017

Jana Gunstheimer draws on the world as a reservoir of undiscovered possibilities, ferreting out what is concealed and mysterious. Reality turns out, in her art, to be a conglomerate of labyrinthine spaces and fantastic stories. Fact and fiction can no longer be clearly separated.

Gunstheimer’s works always operate with possible truths, deftly taking up past or contemporary events and spinning them out, with striking logical consistency, into the realm of invention. In so doing, they employ the means of irony and black humor in such subtle doses that the artist’s confabulations, rather than appearing to the naked eye, operate in this play of absurdities as brilliant moments of artistic irritation and amusement.

Jana Gunstheimer born in Zwickau in 1974; lives and works in Germany