La peau des nuages


Drawing, photography, poetry

La peau des nuages

Ends in 17 days: May 19 → June 10, 2017

The series of drawings by Jorge Martins titled « A pele das nuvens » ( The clouds’skin) is an invitation where Drawings and Photographs meet, with no armor, nor alarming sound.

​Indeed, we thought for a long time that, with the apparition of photography, paintings would become marginalized, an old memory. But it didn’t ! Paintings remained and Photography found its place as an Art in se.

​Mesmerized by that doubtful context, Jorge Martins decided to select historic photographies, which each left a mark on our collective consciousness. He chose 68 of them, and transformed them with his own language ,his own vision of the world.

​In black and white, the drawings and photographs inspire each other instead of copying themselves.  When one is a Matter,greasing the paper, the other is captured on a mysterious surface. When one is practised in the daylight of a studio, the other is discovered in the darkness of a laboratory. When the first takes time, the second is captured within seconds.

​But between the two disciplines, Jorge Martins only kept their complementarities  His drawings always keep an accurate distance, seem involved in the other world with the right amount.

​The drawn reinterpretation of these photographs are thus asking our memory to play a game, the game of the traces we will find in them. What is the input of the original images’ authors ? What portion relies on imagination ? What is the shared subject of both the photographs and Jorge Martins’s work ? Finally, what is the story we are talking about ? The photographer’s ? The artist’s ? Both ?

​16 drawings of the project « A pele das nuvens » will be exhibited at the Kogan Gallery, from the 19th of May to the 10th of June.

​Curator : Andréa Vamos

The exhibition is part of « Lusoscopie — portuguese artists in Paris », an event created by the cultural center Camoes in Paris for the European Museum Night.