Les Frères Chapuisat — Le Buisson Maudit


Architecture, installation, sculpture

Les Frères Chapuisat
Le Buisson Maudit

Past: March 20 → November 3, 2013

The Chapuisat brothers construct environmentally complex works, often taking the form of labyrinths, tunnels, burrows, cavities, mountains or spheres that the viewer discovers in all kinds of positions and often struggles to enter.

  • Opening Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 6 PM
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Avenue Richard de Tour

95310 Saint-Ouen l'Aumône

T. 01 34 64 36 10

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Monday, Wednesday – Friday, 1 PM – 6 PM
Saturday & Sunday, 2 PM – 6 PM
Bâtiments fermés entre les expositions temporaires. Dernier accès aux expositions et à la boutique à 17h30.

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  • Les frères Chapuisat