Mathilde Lavenne — Œuvres récentes


Drawing, installation

Mathilde Lavenne
Œuvres récentes

Past: March 19 → April 23, 2011

Following her much remarked upon participation in the 2010 Salon Jeune Création and artist’s residency at the Malterie in Lille, Mathilde Lavenne is now plunging the Backslash gallery into the ageless world of her strangely styled watercolors, ephemeral painted walls and delicate sculptures.

Mathilde Lavenne’s work centers on an introspection of history in general, and the history of Flanders in particular, a past that increasingly haunts her pieces the more she digs into it. The gentle rhythm of time passing by, the unhurried relationship between humans and nature, and the timeless requirements of artistic creation are all characterizations that emerge from the universe conjured up by the young artist from Lille.

Her watercolors display unexplained worlds peopled by protean brightly-colored beings that pull the viewers into an intimate relationship with the artist. The drawing element reveals itself within a humble and touching complexity. The fragile sheets of glass and ceramic banners evoke the medieval world of Flemish tapestries.

Mathilde Lavenne has made an in-depth study of art history. She draws on the many references her studies have given her, using them as an unbroken link between contemporary creation and what came before. Her work is in a direct line from the artists and creative movements that inspired her throughout her studies.

The artist’s visual arts perceptions are thus revealed throughout the exhibition, like the complex assembly of atoms that forms the body of a hybrid creature. And all the influences merge and mingle in a mural fresco where the artist’s identity shifts within an unknown planet inhabited by its own population of beasts.

Mathilde Lavenne was a 2008 Roubaix Bureau d’Art et de Recherche award winner. Her work has featured at venues including the Malterie in Lille, the V.R.A.C. association that she cofounded, the Musée de l’Oeuvre Notre Dame in Strasbourg and the De Rinck gallery in Brussels.

  • Opening 2011-03-19 12:00:00 +0100 → 2011-04-23 21:00:00 +0200
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