Point Oméga


Installation, sculpture, screen-printing

Point Oméga

In 17 days: September 7 → October 14, 2017

The desert is not empty. This territory is an ecosystem traversed by geological forces and flows of energy, a space for projecting and creating alternative life styles, which can also be colonized by machines and invasive systems. This, at least, is the case with the Mojave desert in California, an area of military bases, nuclear waste storage, and gigantic solar power stations, but also a place of different counter-cultures. For a month Jennifer Caubet explored it to extricate lines of spatial development, real and mental, subsequently given material form as maps and sculptures, both concrete and abstract. All so many attempts to take hold of a seemingly elusive space, filled with a fictional potential, where utopia joins dystopia. Point Omega is the name of this paradoxical encounter.

Sarah Ihler-Meyer