Séverine Hubard — Colloc


Collage, drawing, installation, sculpture

Séverine Hubard

Ends in 4 days: October 20 → December 10, 2016

For this fifth collaboration, Séverine Hubard transforms the space of the gallery in order to combine sculptures, installations, collages and drawings. The exhibition introduces notions of collocation (“putting together”), duality/duplication and miror effects through place’s architectural transformation.

Séverine Hubard, born 1977 in Lille, France, currently lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her artistic practice fluctuates between architecture and sculpture ; each of her artwork is distinguishable by the use of recovered or amassed material in the form of an inventory or a mobile studio.The artist participates at many residencies, notably in 2016 at Les Ateliers des Arques, at Kiosko, Bolivia, and in Switzerland at Foreign Artist in 2015.


She has lately display in Geneva at Galerie Laurence Bernard (2016) and in Buenos Aires at Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti (2016). In parallel to the exhibition at the gallery, Séverine Hubard shows at Gigantesque!, Expérience Pommery#13 in Reims a monumental in situ work until May 31th 2017.