Tableaux vivants


Film, video

Tableaux vivants

Ends in 22 days: May 27 → June 19, 2017

This exhibition curated by Anna Morettini in collaboration with Philippe-Alain Michaud and Jonathan Pouthier explores the topic of living painting through a selection of videos and art films that revolve around the issue of painting and sculpture.

The artists investigate the notion of time and physical fixity through the very medium of movement. While some tackle sculpture from a movie point of view, others, like the great Pasolini, revisit classic painting.

Captured in a disturbing mise en abyme, the characters of Insight by Sebastián Diaz Morales find themselves petrified in space. Time stretches while the gap between image and sound creates a perceptive three-dimension dissonance.

Artist Basir Mahmood freezes his actors as time keeps passing and the insect goes back to playing its still life part. In a purposely-spectacular senseless and lifeless palace, Ulla von Brandenburg’s camera circulates between figures imprisoned in their role and narcissism.