CNEAI = Centre National Édition Art Image

Devoted to artists’ publication, the Cneai is a national contemporary art center. Both a public space and a research center, it’s a platform for present-day art distribution.

The Cneai is nine kilometers from the lights of the Eiffel tower, located on the Impressionists’ Island of Chatou. The building has four showrooms, an ephemeras and multiples collection level, a printing workshop, and a TV room.

Moored on the Seine near the art center, the cneai’s residence the « Maison flottante », is a floating office devoted to collectively designed editorial programmes. In addition to the exhibition programme, events, performances, productions and publications are scheduled at the Cneai and outside the center.

Every year, 50 independent publishers meet at the Salon Light. Specialists in Human Sciences debate with art theoreticians during seminars. Philosophers, sociologists, anthropologists or linguists exchange ideas with artists, publishers, collectors or critics the duration of a publication.

Cneai develops and presents two collections : the “Multiples” collection composed of the works produced at the Cneai and the “FMRA” collection gathering nine thousands artists’ publications.

CNEAI = Centre National Édition Art Image Art center
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Ile des impressionnistes
2, rue du bac

78400 Chatou

T. 01 39 52 45 35

Opening hours

Wednesday – Sunday, 1 PM – 6 PM
Other times by appointment

Admission fee

Free entrance