Wei Li Biography

— Born in Beijing, China, in 1981.
— Graduated from the Third Studio of the Sculpture Department of CAFA (Central Academy of Fins-Arts), Bachelor’s Degree.
— Living and working in Beijing.

Solo exhibitions

  • Confessionnal, A2Z Art Gallery, Paris, France
  • Hero, Today Art Museum, Pékin, Chine
  • Unpeaceful Christmas Eve “A Block Of Cake”, Copy Café, Pékin, Chine
  • The Hollow Men, Hanmo Art Gallery, Pékin, Chine

Selected Group Exhibitions

  • HUGO BOSS ASIA ART, Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai, Chine
  • Get away, Lille Art Center, Lille, France
  • The Unsee , The Fourth Guangzhou Triennial , Guangdong Museum Of Art, Guangzhou, Chine
  • Becoming peninsula I. symptom , Iberia Center for Contemporary Art , Pékin, Chine
  • Starting, Today Art Museum, Pékin, Chine
  • Christmas Eve, White Box Museum of Art, Pékin, Chine
  • BMW NEW FACE 2011, Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai, Chine
  • Do You Believe? HongKong, Chine
  • Gallery Hotel Art Project, Tang Contemporary Art & Gallery Hotel, Pékin, Chine
  • Games, White Box Museum of Art, Pékin, Chine
  • The 4rd 54 International Young Art Festivals, 1919 Creativity Industry Park, Pékin, Chine
  • Focus On Talents Award Ceremony and Finalists Exhibition, Today Art Museum, Pékin, Chine
  • Alibi, Linda Gallery, Pékin, Chine
  • It’s Not Sculpture, Linda Gallery, Pékin, Chine
  • Another World Another Boundary, Tang Contemporary Art, Bangkok, Thaïlande
  • Trap, CIGE, Tang Contemporary Art, Pékin, Chine
  • En, En…En?, Fat Art, Pékin, Chine
  • Youth at Upstairs — Nomination de Jeune Critique d’Art, Pékin, Chine
  • I’m…, Beijing Center for the Arts, Pékin, Chine
  • Location: Dragon Fountain Bathhouse, Caochangdi, Pékin, Chine
  • Get it louder, Sanlitun SOHO, Pékin, Chine
  • In the Making, Beijing Center for the Arts, Pékin, Chine
  • Chinese Pose — La Ière Exposition de Sculpture de Chine, Shangshang Art Museum, Pékin, Chine
  • Chinese International Sculpture Almanac Exhibition, Beijing International Sculpture Art Zone Exhibition Hall, Pékin, Chine
  • Don’t Worry! Don’t Worry! — Performance Art, 798 Art Center, Pékin, Chine

Wei Li


Installation, performance, sculpture, mixed media

Chinese artist born in 1981 in Pekin, China. 

Pekin, China
Condition humaine, espace, interactif, mémoire collective

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