Alix Delmas

Alix Delmas’ work confronts us with a common space, which we share with the artist. Space apprehended from another angle of perception and sensation, space rendered poetic for some, deconstructed space for others, in all cases enriched. The strength of his work, therefore, lies largely in its unexpected character. No obsession, but one, paths. Routes, crossing of form, of meaning… Capturing an effect. Capturing a moment. Capturing an affect. Capturing a landscape, a territory. Art as a form of predation diverted, softly?

Alix Delmas, Raconte moi une histoire, 2000 Lit, sapin et sa racine, couette en plumes d’oie — vue de l’installation au Landesmuseum Linz, Autriche — 2 m × 5 m Courtesy de l’artiste @ADAGP
Alix Delmas, D 106, 2007 Lambdaprint — 100 × 150 cm — edition of 3 Courtesy Alix Delmas ©ADAGP
Alix Delmas, Gélatine en paysage, 2014 Lambdaprint — 150 × 100 cm — edition of 3 Courtesy Alix Delmas @ADAGP

D 106, Gelatines in landscape, Sisters, Jetlag paradiso or Bloody Sea

The D 106, Landscape Gelatin, Sisters, Jetlag paradiso or Bloody Sea images offer captures that use the characteristics of the color filter and its direct consequences on the pattern photographed during shooting. The gelatin offers a play of transparency, opacity, polarization, reflections and areas of humidity. The process offers the theatricality of artifice, the pictoriality of a « background ». It is as if the landscape itself has lost its sharpness and the photograph bears the trace of a degradation. It is as much a mental landscape, a metaphor on the border as the fragility of an ecosystem.

Alix Delmas, Jetlag paradiso, 2017 Lambdaprint — 170 × 120 cm — edition of 3 Courtesy Alix Delmas ©ADAGP
Alix Delmas, Flottaison, 2014 Translucent resin and aluminium powder — 10 × 25 × 22 cm — edition of 6 Courtesy Alix Delmas ©ADAGP
Alix Delmas, Valise, 1994 Tissu carbone, bois, poignées — prise de vue rue Marcel-Duchamp — 180 × 80 cm Courtesy Alix Delmas ©ADAGP

Line of Lives, 2020
The handrail of Ligne de Vies will cross one of the alleys of the Municipal Health Centre of Ivry-sur-Seine thanks to the presence of five arches. The cut and the rhythm of the proposal have been designed based on an electrocardiogram of a healthy heart. The hand of the patient (or visitor) using the handrail is « assisted » sometimes to the right and sometimes to the left. This gesture, however discreet, is essential. The handrail in its evocation is « accompanying » and attempts aesthetically and symbolically to evoke a caress, a care, a crutch that will have to be let go to resume it later. The arches are doors that mark thresholds, step.

Alix Delmas, Ligne de Vies, 2020 Maquette en laiton pour le projet 1% Ivry-sur-Seine — 74 cm × 7 cm Courtesy Alix Delmas ©ADAGP
Alix Delmas, Entre, 2019 Tirages pigmentaires, quadriptyque, — 41 × 53 cm Courtesy Alix Delmas ©ADAGP

Between, 2019
The photographic research ENTRE is a reflection on how to occupy space in the presence of others, which since the migratory crisis, the control of the flow and the health crisis is one of the markers of political identity.

Alix Delmas, Sans titre, 2018 Watercolor — 19 × 27 cm Courtesy Alix Delmas ©ADAGP
Alix Delmas, Concrete, 2003 Lambdaprint — 150 × 100 cm Courtesy Alix Delmas ©ADAGP
Alix Delmas, Surex, 2004 Lambdaprint — 85 × 120 cm Courtesy Alix Delmas ©ADAGP
Alix Delmas, Un quart / Trois quarts, 2003 Couch inlaid in the wall between two living spaces, one of which is raised by a few steps — Dimension variable Courtesy Alix Delmas ©ADAGP 2003
Alix Delmas, Fireplace, 2004 Cheminées, écrans plasma, vidéos de feu de cheminée — in situ boulevard de la Villette. Nuit Blanche, Paris. Courtesy Alix Delmas ©ADAGP ©Laurent Lecta
Alix Delmas, Passage à gué, 2017 Plaster partially covered with white gold leaf _ The sculpture consists of seven feet resting on the ears of seven polished figures, the whole forming a funeral march. — Variable size — Variable size Courtesy Alix Delmas ©ADAGP
Alix Delmas, Caresse ?, 2017 Jet d’encre pigmentaire — Jet d’encre pigmentaire Courtesy Alix Delmas ©ADAGP
Alix Delmas, Exposition Jetlag paradiso au Centre d’art contemporain, Istres, 2019 La Grande Vague, plaster holding a glass plate in levitation — Bloody Sea, photographic triptych Courtesy Alix Delmas ©ADAGP

Alix Delmas


Mixed media

Paris et Talais , France
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Burlesque, cinéma expérimental, conceptuel, corps, environnement, érotisme, espace public / espace urbain , experimentation, figuration, frontières, minimalisme, mondes, paysage, peur, politique, provocation, public / privé, violence