Ana Mendes

Ana Mendes is an artist that works in video, performance, photography and installation to speak on subjects such as memory, language and identity.


Ana Mendes, The People’s Collection, 2015 Printed media, Collection 450 postcards, publication and documentation Ana Mendes
Ana Mendes, The People’s Collection, 2015 Collection 450 postcards, publication and documentation Ana Mendes
Ana Mendes, The People’s Collection, 2018 Print on paper — Artist book, 132 pages — edition of 100 Ana Mendes

The People’s Collection is a project in which people who originate from colonised countries are invited to visit ethnographic museums around the world and rethink their identity on a post-colonial context.

Ana Mendes, Map Series, 2016 Performance / installation — Dimensions variable Ana Mendes

’Map Series’ is a performance installation in which Mendes stitches with a sewing machine old paper maps that represent a certain colonial empire — e. g., France, UK, Germany — sitting at a table and chair, stitching all the maps, while a camera projects the image of the needle of the machine perforating the map onto the wall. Sound equipment amplifies the sounds emitted by the sound machine. After the performance, the map composed of all the stitched maps stays at the room, as an installation, together with the sewing machine and a sound composition based on the sounds emitted by the sewing machine.

Ana Mendes, Kinky, 2018 Mixed technique — human hair, cotton, stitching and glass — Dimensions variable Ana Mendes

’Kinky’ installation in which Mendes embroiders by hand commercial words used to sell real hair of women originated from colonised countries onto large pieces of fabric — raw cotton used by the fashion industry to make samples. The words are copied from wigs of labels, exploring the connections between the fashion industry, colonialism and identity — for example, one wig from Africa sells as kinky whereas one from Europe retails as charm or glamour.

Ana Mendes, Drawing series I II III IV and V, 2019 Pencil, paper — Dimensions variable Ana Mendes

Performance/installation in which Mendes draws one circle, first with the right arm and afterwards with the left once using a pencil (once per hand), until it finishes. The work explores the connection between the right and left side of the brain — drawing and neuroscience.

Ana Mendes, A tale of Europeans, 2017 Performance — Durational Ana Mendes & Natural History Museum Wien
Ana Mendes, Mon pére a une pistole (My father has a gun), 2019 Video — 6'26" HD, colour, stereo Ana Mendes
© Anna Arca
Ana Mendes, Sur le dessin (On Drawing), 2016 (© Anna Arca) Video — 9'53" HD, colour, stéreo Ana Mendes

Ana Mendes


Drawing, publishing, installation, new media, performance, photography, poetry, mixed media, video

Portuguese artist born in 1973 in Tomar, Portugal. 

London, UK and Stockholm, Sweden, United Kingdom
Abstraction, cinéma expérimental, conceptuel, condition humaine, critique, documentaire, espace public / espace urbain , fiction, minimalisme, narration, poésie, politique, public / privé, quotidien, science

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