Claude Closky

Claude Closky is a French artist living in Paris. He works in a variety of media, including painting, installation, video, and net art, in a signature style that revolves around the concept of conveying information and the connection between ideas and objects.

Claude Closky, Sans titre, 2007 Courtesy Galerie Laurent Godin
Claude Closky, Sans titre (9D0C11) Acrylique sur toile — 210 cm de diamètre
Claude Closky, Untitled, 2010 Courtesy de l’artiste
Vue d’exposition, Musée MADRE, Naples, Italie
Claude Closky, Climb at your own risk, 2007 (Vue d’exposition, Musée MADRE, Naples, Italie) 10 escabeaux, Texte gravé
Claude Closky, A noël ma mère se déguise en Père Noël, 2000 Couverture du catalogue du CNAM N° 74 hiver 2000 / 2001 Courtesy de l’artiste

Claude Closky


Installation, painting, mixed media

French artist born in 1963 in Paris, France. 

Paris, France
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