Gianni Pettena

Gianni Pettena work is that of an artist who is on familiar terms with conceptual art and land-art, most often bringing the human body into contact with the realities of the world. His approach has opened the way to an entire generation of architects and artists, making Pettena into a discreet yet fundamental figure for anyone born after the effervescent era of 1968.

Gianni Pettena, Projet Archipensieri, 2001-2011, 0
Gianni Pettena, Clay House, 1971
Gianni Pettena, Maison Elba, 1975-2011, 0
Gianni Pettena, Ice House I, 1971
Gianni Pettena, Vue de l’exposition, 0
Gianni Pettena, Red Line (Salt Lake City), 1972 15 photographies N/B, fil blanc tirage photos 1999 — 55 × 68 cm Courtesy de l’artiste

Gianni Pettena


Architecture, performance, photography, video

Italian artist born in Bolzano, Italy. 

Fiesole, Italy
Official website
Architecture, conceptuel, contextuel, environnement, environnement urbain, espace public / espace urbain , land art, nature

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