Hélène Muheim Biography

Hélène Muheim lives and works in Montreuil. Of swiss and french origin, she spent her childhood in the mountains and in the Luberon, in Sénanque Abbey, a cistercian monastery and cultural center. She met visual artists, musicians, sociologists or theologians who likely influenced her vocation. After graduating from Beaux-Arts, she exhibits her paintings and creates site-specific installations. Simultaneously she creates vosdesirs.org, a virtual space for doing nothing, a field of graphic and poetic experiences.

It is through the digital line that she finds back the original gratification of drawing. She now devotes all her research to this medium, attracted by its fragility. As a child Hélène Muheim had the privilege to «watch ends of the world beyond the clouds, to perceive the vastness, and the obvious uncertainty of our beings.» From here she went to see further. From her lonely trips she learns through landscapes to reconsider our connexion to the world and to the image. She has solo and collective exhibitions in galleries in Paris, as well as in art centers in Rennes and Le Havre ; she participated in Drawing Now art fair (contemporary drawing art fair held in Paris), and is currently working on various institutional exhibitions projects ( (Paris, London, South Korea)..

Last solo shows

2018 Art on Paper, Bruxelles, Galerie Jean-Louis Ramand/ 2017 Horizons-Paysages, Galerie Valérie Delaunay, Paris/ 2016 Pnøma, Pascaline Mulliez Gallery, Paris/ 2013 Inlassablement ce qui n’est plus, Maïa Muller Gallery, Paris/ 2012 Memento Temporis, Maïa Muller Gallery, Paris/ 2010 Silly old stories, Maïa Muller Gallery, Paris/ 2009 Rester légère, Maïa Muller Gallery, Paris/ 2000-2009 Création du site «www.vosdesirs.org», Recherches et créations autour des nouveaux médias Interventions dans des espaces virtuels extérieurs, création d’animations flash/ 2001 l’Appartement Gallery, Barcelona/ 1997 l’Appartement Gallery, Barcelona/ 1993 Espace Aldébaran, Montpellier/

Last group shows

2018 Luxembourg Art Week, Galerie Jean-Louis Ramand/ La forêt des esprits, Galerie Plateforme, Paris, curatrice Pauline Lisowski/ Entre les mondes, Galerie Graphem, Paris, curatrice Pauline Lisowski,/ 2017 La petite collection, galerie Bertrand Grimont, Paris/ Une île,Curated by Pauline Lisowski 6B, Saint-Denis/ Synthetic Landscapes, Meadow Arts, Weston Park, England/ Ailleurs dans ce corps où la nuit.. Galerie Hors Champs, Paris/ ZooCryptage, Curated by C.N Jelondanti, Biarritz/ 2016 Mauvaises graines II, Topographie de l’Art, Paris/ Ouverture, Galerie Eko Sato, Paris/ DDessin, Regards sur la Planète, Curated by Anne Malherbe, Paris/ 2015 Dessins quotidiens, Satellite Brindeau, Le Havre/ 2014 La Petite Collection, White Project Galerie, Paris/ Mauvaises graines, Topographie de l’Art, Paris/ Open your eyes, Maïa Muller Gallery, Paris/ 2013 Viens, la mort on va danser, Maïa Muller Gallery, Paris/ Graphic, PHAKT, Rennes, Curated by Anne Cécile Guitard/ 2012 drawing now, Maïa Muller Gallery/ 2011 tir groupé, Maïa Muller Gallery, Paris/ 2011 le texte dans l’oeuvre, Maïa Muller Gallery, Paris/ 2010 drawing now, Maïa Muller Gallery/__

Hélène Muheim



Montreuil, France
Paysage, portrait