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Liza Dimbleby is a writer and visual artist working primarily with drawing. She has made Drawing Walks in Moscow, Paris, London, Orkney and Novosibirsk. Her book of writing and drawings in cities, I Live Here Now was published in h5. 2008.

Her work is concerned with individual and collective narratives of place and displacement, the repetition and variation of daily experience and the ways that this can be articulated in images and in words. Her writing explores the different ways that painting, drawings photographs and words give form to lived experience; how they are generated and reconfigured in time, as we attempt to put stories into words and pictures. Her writing is another way of making images from what has been seen and felt.

She has had solo exhibitions of texts and images at * Siobhan Davies Studios, * the Royal Drawing School, London and * Art Jericho, Oxford and curated a dance and live drawing performance within an installation of her drawings at Selfridges window space, London. She has exhibited in joint and group shows at the * Centre for Recent Drawing (C4RD), * Artspace Gallery and the * Royal Academy in London and in * Glasgow Project Room, * Transmission and * Mansfield Gallery, Glasgow; she has also shown work in Russia and in France: at the * Echomusée, Paris and at the * Universities of Lyons and Cergy-Pontoise in collaboration with the Banlieue Network.

She has given talks in Russia, France and the UK and she teaches at the Royal Drawing School in London.

Her work is in private collections and in the Currell Collection. She contributed to kink in the arc, Paul Becker’s collective, ekphrastic, dream novel:


Liza Dimbleby


Drawing, publishing, painting

British artist born in 1968 in London, United Kingdom. 

London and Glasgow, United Kingdom
Déplacement, détournement, écriture / langage, espace, famille, fiction, figuration, histoire de l'art, imaginaire , unconscious, littérature, mémoire, mémoire collective, narration, nostalgie, peinture, perception, récit

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