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Drawing, painting, photography, sculpture

12 x 12

Past: December 12, 2013 → January 11, 2014

It is a concentration of experimentations and discoveries that the gallery Maria Lund is presenting.

No imposed theme or material for this group exhibition bringing together fifteen artists from the gallery and three new artists to discover. The only constraint: the format. The idea is to take the opposite stand to the monumentalization trend in contemporary art. The 12×12 exhibition is a praise to the small format, an invitation to appreciate works of art, whose power expresses itself through the quality of the subject and the approach of their creator. The challenge of the format pushed everyone’s limits and invited to play.

The exhibition gathers Indian Ink compositions of radical purity in the work of Min Jung-Yeon… Twelve little squares of dreamlike landscapes, crossed — almost invaded by geometric shapes, drawn by Yoon Ji-Eun… A morning mist put in a box — creation made by Didier Boussarie, in close collaboration with weavers from the tegenaria world. The intimate, sensuous, almost bestial watercolors and drawings from the young artist Shoi, exhibited for the first time… The run-outs taken in wax and the geometric shapes by Maibritt Ulvedal Bjelke… The monumental expression of Lee Jin Woo in miniature, a concrete and symbolic world made of paper, charcoal and pigments… The baroque of the Brazilian Noreste churches through the lens of the artist Peter Neuchs, who gives to these places an unreal veil… The “erased face” of a hybrid figure seen by Maria Loizidou… The delicacy of a ceramic relic, that of a tissue, created by Akiko Hoshina, invited for the second time at the gallery… Certain shots- tightly framed — of the disturbing world, but strangely similar to ours, of Peter Martensen.

But also… The glass, differently, by Pipaluk Lake with the Canned series, that offers us a world literally put in a box, where the matter enters only the better to exist… Organic volumes with drawn surfaces by Filomena Borecka, that take the shape of abstract gargoyles, a spillway for emotions… The fantasy of a world inhabited by insects and men by Catherine Maria Chapel, crystallized in the movement of the resin… A photograph by Helene Schmitz, who takes out her net- her camera- to capture a colony of butterflies in their prison of light… And the ceramics by Bente Skjøttgaard, who carries on her journey between the road and the sky, between reality and the frenzy of matters, colors and shapes…

  • Opening Thursday, December 12, 2013 6 PM → 9 PM
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