135, 125iso, 23x36, M6, 35. supports et formats variables — Une proposition d’Aurélie Pétrel



135, 125iso, 23x36, M6, 35. supports et formats variables
Une proposition d’Aurélie Pétrel

Past: February 4 → 26, 2017

The Centre Photographique d’Île-de-France turns Aurélie Pétrel exhibition spaces into a real laboratory.


The 40th anniversary of the Centre Georges Pompidou, whose celebrations the CPIF has been asked to participate in, provides the ideal opportunity to reconsider the works of art and the techniques, relationships with the body, the world, culture and museums that prevailed in the 1970s, in short to reconsider the period’s artistic and ethical standpoints. Aurélie Pétrel’s in situ research is based on her analysis of this moment in time.

Aurélie Petrel has transformed the room that is usually used to exhibit finished works into a photographic studio, a place where she can shoot and then print photos. It will be the place where the image is made, where a key part of the artist’s work takes place, at the heart of the passage between ‘latent images’ — in other words ones that are waiting to be awakened — and ‘revealed images’.

For this experiment she will use so-called silver-gelatin or analogical techniques in what is for her a return to her origins, as she questions images produced by others who were active at a period when she first came into the world. Through this experiment she questions how the work of these artists is still relevant today and situates her own artistic activity.


Aurélie Pétrel (born 1980 in Lyon) studied at the École des Beaux-Arts de Lyon. She is currently represented by several galleries: Galerie Houg (Paris) and Gowen Contemporary (Geneva). Since 2012, she has been working in collaboration with Vincent Roumagnac under the name Pétrel I Roumagnac (duo) whose work is represented by Galerie Escougnou-Cetraro (Paris).

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  • Meeting Saturday, February 18, 2017 3 PM → 5 PM

    Rencontre publique avec l’artiste

  • Meeting Sunday, February 26, 2017 2 PM → 6 PM

    Après-midi avec l’artiste

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