Accords Parfaits — Harmony


Ceramic, lithography / engraving, painting, photography...

Accords Parfaits — Harmony

Past: September 3 → 24, 2011

1st Floor

Galerie Michel Rein inaugurates its new exhibition space on the 1st floor of 42 rue de Turenne. 1st Floor will be dedicated to thematic exhibitions, exclusive projects by our artists and collaborations. For the opening of these new spaces, the gallery pays tribute to it’s artists. The exhibition brings together works which create a dialogue about the notions of precision and harmony.

The first room evokes a musical world. The projection of Tattoo Fight (2011) by Jean-Charles Hue, invites us to watch a remixed spaghetti western. Two men face up to a combat of tattoos, a veritable show of uncomplex virile pride. La nuit cette fois finirait (2011) by Elisa Pone is a rhythmic ensemble of twelve photographs showing lyrics by Meurtre (the artist’s group) engraved into knife blades and pyrotechnic explosions. The skull What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger (2009) by Stefan Nilolaev and the print Capricci by Luca Vitone (2007) both question the notions of homeland and of being part of a culture. Finally, Babel (2008) by Saâdane Afif, is created from loud speaker modules making a direct reference to sound systems. It’s title evokes the harmony which seeks to reign between men.

In the second room, the sculpture Ufficio (2010) by Raphaël Zarka brings us face to face with the history of shape and form, via a three dimensional replica of the moneylender’s office from the painting Miracle of the Profaned Host, by Paolo Uccello. The work Corps Rouge (2008) by Jean-Pierre Bertrand occupies the space with it’s materiality and substance whilst the african mask White Memory B (2006) by Franck Scurti brings cultures together in a ghostly imprint.

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42, rue de Turenne

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