Mixed media


Past: December 7, 2012 → February 9, 2013

With Guy de COINTET, Trisha DONNELLY, Adriana LARA and Allen RUPPERSBERG

In the final analysis, maybe, numbers, far from facilitating a purely scientific approach, actually contribute to the depth of the world. Like the letters in a novel, they could be seen as constituting not only its secret grammar, its skeleton — the dream of a mathesis universalis — but also its flesh. Not so much marking out time as filling it. With each layer of time a notch to be noted, a stratum of meaning to be read, a space in its own right: gone the distinction between the acts of reading, counting and contemplating a landscape.
Maybe this is the experience that the sublime works in the 2012 exhibition — with its title borrowed from a work by Adriana Lara — share with us: when the ciphered and lettered arcana of the world are, like the horizon, its immediate form. As is the case in the hitherto unshown films of Guy de Cointet (Sans titre, late 1960s, 8 mm transferred onto dvd), the marble of Trisha Donnelly’s sculptures (Untitled, 2011), Allen Ruppersberg’s silkscreens (Le Mot juste, 1983) and Adriana Lara’s metaphysical and physical tubes (1 [one] from Numbers [Disambiguation], 2012).

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Bibliothèque François Mitterrand

Opening hours

Tuesday – Saturday, 11 AM – 7 PM

The artists

  • Guy de Cointet
  • Allen Ruppersberg
  • Trisha Donnelly
  • Adriana Lara

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