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3 days in paris
Galerie Maria Lund

Past: November 28 → 30, 2014

To celebrate 3 days in Paris, the Galerie Maria Lund has invited five artists — Akiko Hoshina — Laurie Karp — Peter Martensen — Peter Neuchs — Shoi — to give their vision of the notion of interiority through a series of sculptures.
Interiority would be what we cannot see; what belongs to our interior, a subjective infinite that escapes observation. The five artists have tried to give a form to this reality which is also ours. 

This three-day event is taking place within the exhibition Brief encounters, a photography and watercolor show on the theme of intimacy by Danish artist Peter Neuchs who emigrated to Bresil more than ten years ago. 

Qu est ce que vous voyez chez moi faience et glacure 2014 shoi medium
Shoi, Qu’est-ce-que-vous voyez chez moi ?, 2014 Faïence et glaçure Courtesy of Galerie Maria Lund
This event takes place in 14 venues
03 Le Marais
04 Beaubourg
13 Bibliothèque


and 4 others…

The artists

  • Peter Martensen
  • Peter Neuchs
  • Akiko Hoshina
  • Shoi
  • Laurie Karp