AAUPC Patrick Chavannes — De l’architecture au territoire, du territoire à l’architecture



AAUPC Patrick Chavannes
De l’architecture au territoire, du territoire à l’architecture

Past: May 24 → June 22, 2013

For Patrick Chavannes, an architect does not build in isolation from a territory and a territory does not exist without a perception of the way it has been and will be occupied by people, via architecture.

From architecture to territory, from territory to architecture illustrates the specificity of the work produced by the teams he leads at AAUPC in Paris and GCA in Canton.

In this exhibition, the light shone on twenty schemes produced by the two agencies, including the Trapèze mixed-development area in Boulogne-Billancourt, the Borderouge mixed-development area in Toulouse, and the Eco High-tech Island in Nanjing, illustrates how, for more than 15 years, Patrick Chavannes’s work has unceasingly questioned the links between territory and architecture, between realities and projects, which have to be associated in a dynamic that combines meaning and sensitivity in the face of the century’s global realities.

These studies and projects were carried out in France and China, two territories that are opposites in every way, economically, culturally and in the scale of their urban phenomena. They represent two “extremities” of a reality — globalization — whose measure contemporary architecture must take. The exhibition exposes the reflection that circulates freely within two teams whose myriad projects draw their relevance, their strength, and their originality from the interplay between different scales and from the exchange of experiences between the teams.

  • Opening Thursday, May 23, 2013 6:30 PM → 9 PM
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