Alain Kirili — Qui a peur de la verticalité ?


Drawing, sculpture

Alain Kirili
Qui a peur de la verticalité ?

Past: March 21 → May 18, 2013

After his 2012 installation in the courtyard of the Hotel de Ville in Paris, Alain Kirili, worldwide known artist, will exhibit from March 21th, his sculpture Transfiguration of 1991, in the window of Pièce Unique, at 4 rue Jacques Callot.

The insulation of the sculpture highlights the two techniques used by the artist for this work: forged and cut with a blowtorch, this is a hymn to the verticality which Kirili is strongly attached to. It expresses his fundamental dialogue with the works of Barnett Newman and Alberto Giacometti.

At Pièce Unique Variations 26 rue Mazarine, a room houses the 1972 cutted zinc sculpture, which is also the first work the Artist considers “post-minimalist”, abstract, slightly hammered.

Recent sculptures of the series Aria 2011-2012 in black rubber and galvanized wire are displayed throughout the gallery.
A series of his drawings Fulgurances and Hommage à Otha Turner in charcoal and oil pastel on paper testifies the richness of his work as a drawer.

Alain Kirili is strongly attached to the notion of “outdatedness” evoked by Nietzsche, which he expresses through basic materials, a memory of a craft know-how that comes to life in his creation. His desire of a tactile and embodied abstraction is celebrated in this exhibition. Rhythms, impulses, creations in the gesture with all his body.

Pièce Unique Gallery Gallery
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4, rue Jacques Callot

75006 Paris

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La vitrine est visible du mardi au samedi jusqu'à 2h00 du matin.

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  • Alain Kirili