Alain Michard / En danseuse #3 — Lenio Kaklea et Martine Pisani


Dance, video

Alain Michard / En danseuse #3
Lenio Kaklea et Martine Pisani

Past: Friday, May 5, 2017 8 PM → 11 PM

The choreographer and filmmaker Alain Michard continues a residency at Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers beguin in December 2016, with his project En danseuse. His residence takes place in several interconnected stages involving creative work, research, and public presentations. Designed as a vehicle for collaborative work, En danseuse brings together choreographers and artists working in other fields, inviting them to present a unique history of dance via the medium of the body of each participant, which Alain Michard will then capture on film.

For this third public event, Lenio Kaklea and Martine Pisani, accompanied by Alain Michard, will experiment with the En danseuse concept for five days before giving a public presentation on Friday 5 May at 8 pm.

Greek-born dancer and choreographer Lenio Kaklea also studied arts and politics with Bruno Latour at Sciences Po, Paris. Since 1992 Martine Pisani has developed a non-virtuoso approach to dance completely free of formalism.

By working with them in this way, Alain Michard tries to understand what drives them. Each will present different ways of articulating the body and visual images, showing the way they relate to the history of dance and, beyond that, to a personal and collective history of the body in motion. The three artists will be presenting the journeys they made as they carried out this research, in the form of dance, images, archives and discussions with the audience.

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