Collage, installation, painting


Past: September 20 → November 3, 2012

The Hélène Bailly Galery presents the exhibition Constructions from september 20 to november 3 2012. We are proud to present two young emerging artists who have galvanized the art world with their innovative approach to using art to express their perceptions of the world today. Intellectually, the works of both Alex Markwith and the Littlewhitehead duo play on references to art history and important historical events. Physically, through their recycling, reusing and re-forming of everyday objects, these artists open up discussions of “post-Duchampian” art in the case of Littlewhitehead and “post-Arte Povera” inspired art for Alex Markwith. For Littlewhitehead, it comes down to creating a world that will shock, awe, and amuse you all at once. Their choice to use realism forces the public to relate and to reflect upon their own personal issues. Their work will touch you, if not attack you: the ambition of the duo is to ‘beat you up visually.’ They include vintage clothing and other recycled materials in their artwork, implicitly redefining these materials in the context of their works. Alex Markwith achieves a similar goal by using non-traditional, recycled materials. These include cardboard, fabric, leather, nails and wood. Markwith’s subtle “constructions,” as he calls them, question the tradition of the monochrome as well as our preconceptions of abstract painting. He bases his ‘Black Series’ on the theory written by Kazimir Malevich in his 1915 manifesto, declaring Suprematism the future of painting. Direct and forceful, the works oscillate between sculpture and painting. Both artists work with a focus upon the distinctive nuances of their materials’ dimensionality and texture. They invite us into their world and confront us with their visions, giving us a provocative, sometimes twisted, sometimes subtle, sometimes elegant insight into our modern society.

Hannah Daly
Source : ArtSlant
  • Opening Thursday, September 20, 2012 6 PM → 10 PM
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  • Alex Markwith
  • Littlewhitehead