Alicia Paz — Garden of Follies


Collage, drawing, painting, sculpture

Alicia Paz
Garden of Follies

Past: October 5 → November 9, 2013

Akin to improbable gardens, where ancient myths and fantastical narratives intertwine, the new works by Alicia Paz allow us to discover an exuberant flora and fauna, a sumptuous amalgam composed of paint, paper, and found objects. The female figure is the central protagonist in this fictional world, at once mysterious and playful.

Since the 1990’s, Paz has deftly reinvented, with a post-historical approach, themes which are dear to the XVIII century, namely, that of the “monkey painter” and other parodies and allegories of the “artist” figure, in which the futile vanity of the creative act is examined. In her new works, Paz visits this subject anew, but considers it further by adding the question of gender.

In addition to the two-dimensional works, Paz presents a new series of sculptural works, an ensemble of freestanding, plywood silhouettes attired in undulating, baroque robes made of paper. These works incarnate the subject of « the artist » in a performative sense, such as actresses, opera singers, clowns… They are, simultaneously, author, subject and material in regards to the making of their art. Within this colourful costume ball, multiple references to the history of cinema, fashion, theatrical set design, as well as popular culture festively coexist in a dialogue that is at times joyous and coquettish, at times sober and ironic.

“It is a way of exploring the multiplicity and complexity of being: in the psychology of each and every artist there are many artists, those of the past, from whom one inherits knowledge and historical baggage, those of the present, those that one would wish to be, those that one hates, those from other cultures or countries, those that one may consider other but that one imitates in spite of oneself… All of these voices intermingle and are part of the unity of the Self.”

Alicia Paz

A way for the artist to exist in the present moment, embodying a constant renaissance.

  • Opening Saturday, October 5, 2013 6 PM → 9 PM
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