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Ameller Dubois & Associés
Plans rapprochés

Past: May 25 → June 18, 2016

The architecture the agency produces is sensitive to our profession’s moral imperatives with respect to every aspect of a project, from its uses to its aesthetic values.

Because buildings determine day-to-day experiences, they must provide exemplary environments and excite feelings of elevation.

We realize that architecture is imposed on others and the heavy responsibility this imposes on us. Our awareness of this moral obligation, based on a shared idea of use and beauty, leads us to believe that architecture can produce betterment through simple emotions felt by all.

Seeking this balance in every project, in a world of rapidly evolving lifestyles, materials, programs, economics and environmental demands, we have progressively expanded our architectural vocabulary, refusing any form of dogma in order to adapt to these new expectations.

Listening and understanding, even in the compromise essential to any synthesis, has enabled us to provide judicious responses that the physical presence of the building makes self-evident.

Some of the most significant projects to have arisen from this approach over the last 25 years provide the material for this exhibition.

  • Opening Thursday, June 2, 2016 6:30 PM → 9 PM
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