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Affinités / Diversités

Past: March 13 → April 11, 2015

The artists of the Anarchive collection are amongst the most important in contemporary art. All are pioneers who have explored several media, and in particular video, film and other technologies they have had access to at a moment in the framework of their artistic creation, some of them since the sixties or seventies. This means they have a body of work and documents that can be considerable to study and particularly interesting to describe. The choice of these digital monograhps is first and foremost the result of a simple conviction, of being in front of radical artworks, solitary or not, discreet or well known, of which memory urgently need to be protected. All of them are defined by their experimental dimension and manifest conceptions of art where time is a fundamental component, where the process and the attention to the context prevail, where perception is a challenge and knowledge an imperative, where the critical activity often proceeds through forms of subtil humor.

Exhibiting one work of each artist of the collection: video installation, lithography, HD digital video, installation with Augmented Reality, interactive installations, fog sculpture, photographs, it all tries to show, beyond friendships and mutual respect, affinities, and not only superficial resemblances, and at the same time common concerns and similar sensibilities that testify to the issues of an era’s artistic creation.

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Anne-Marie Duguet
  • Anarchive, Affinités / Diversités Opening Thursday, March 12, 2015 6 PM → 9 PM
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The artists

  • Peter Campus
  • Thierry Kuntzel
  • Antoni Muntadas
  • Michael Snow
  • Nam June Paik
  • Fujiko Nakaya
  • Jean Otth
  • Masaki Fujihata