András Bánkuti : Valeurs marginales



András Bánkuti : Valeurs marginales

Past: November 10 → December 16, 2017

Hungary was noticeably the “happiest barrack” among the socialist countries around the ’80s. All the bits and pieces of the system needed fixing, and finally Hungary opted for a peaceful change of regime. This, of course, has brought about new problems. Work security diminished and the poor haven’t becom rich. This selection of photos depicts a few events of this era. The pictures of the exhibition are mostly excerpts from several longer series that make up the book of András Bánkuti, Marginal values.

András Bánkuti is a photo reporter, one of the founders of the Mai Manó Ház — House of Hungarian Photographers in 1996. His photographes have been published beyond the Hungarian press, in The New York Times, The Guardian and Business Week.

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