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Andréa Spartà

Past: March 16 → April 21, 2024

Opening : 16.03, 4pm-7pm
Curator : Maëlle Dault

The Project Room is the Frac’s new prospective and experimental space, located in the last room of the Plateau. It offers the opportunity to present research, diploma, grant and residency projects to French and foreign artists, preferably from the Île de France region. This reactive and flexible programming is also built in dialogue with the essential structures supporting creation, and particularly young creation, but also art schools and universities in the Paris region or internationally.

Andréa Spartà was born in 1996. He lives and works in Paris.

Andréa Sparta’s discreet installations bring together objects that everyone can recognize, but whose nobility is usually hidden from view. The choice of elements is established in a non-hierarchical, careful and attentive way, in a relationship to domesticity. Power strips, smoke detectors, garden chairs, a mosquito lamp, trays of imported raspberries. Andréa Sparta likes to quote the artist Agnes Martin. “The wriggling of an earthworm is as important as the assassination of a president”.

Similarly, his interest in the withering of living matter (herbs, fruit, vegetables) is another aspect of his work on the infra-thin in relation to more stable materials. Andréa Sparta suggests fragility and instability through the small movements he makes in his environments. A form of intimacy favors a contemplative melancholy. To perceive things as they are is also to perceive ourselves as we are.

Curator/artist visit : 31.03.24

  • Opening Saturday, March 16 4 PM → 7 PM
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