Andréa Vamos — ...j’y découvre une forêt de feu


Architecture, drawing, installation, photography

Andréa Vamos
...j’y découvre une forêt de feu

Past: October 22 → November 19, 2015

In 2003, Andréa Vamos stumbled upon numerous film rolls in a bin. A few years later, in 2006, Vamos began a series of artistic experiences in the woods, which then gave birth to art installations where the film rolls and trees were meant to meet and tie together. Andréa Vamos then decided to photograph those interventions in the wood and call the project « Photosynthesis ».

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Andrea Vamos, Photosynthèse (extrait), 0 Wood, Film rolls Courtesy of the artist & Kogan Gallery, Paris

The exhibition … j’y découvre une forêt de feu reveals for the first time Andréa Vamos’s art installations in a closed space, and displays the entire photographic archives of “Photosynthesis”, as well as some of her poetic texts.

By hosting these art installations, the gallery is bound to become a brand new microcosm evolving with the natural elements. The visitor is, by turns, lead to question the connections between the natural process and the artistic process, the fertile blend of a Substance and an energy, and the strength created by moving art pieces inside an artistic area.

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Andrea Vamos, Photosynthèse ( extrait), 0 Fern, Film rolls Courtesy of the artist & Kogan Gallery, Paris

The subtlety of Andréa Vamos’s installations, the oneirism of her texts and the esthetic strength of her photographs offers us a unique opportunity to dive into a contemplative, experimental and thoughtful state.

Curators : Margaux Bonopera & Andréa Vamos

  • Opening Thursday, October 22, 2015 at 6:30 PM
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