Andrew Laumann — Desperate Living


Collage, painting, photography, sculpture

Andrew Laumann
Desperate Living

Past: May 16 → June 15, 2013

Desperate Living is a collection of works influenced by aesthetics found in «no where zones» of Baltimore, wooded areas tucked in between the population where forgotten people reside. The name pulled from John Waters’ 1977 film of the same title, Laumann likens the plot line of the disenfranchised outcasts creating their own utopia of trash to destruction as a form of creation. The aesthetic parallel between synthetic and organic, natural erosion and urban struggle, re-contextualizing «street art».

These paintings mimic sculptures, the materials used stray from traditional art making materials, instead using found objects. Deconstructing and then reconstructing them, distorting the functional, creating a visual dyslexia.

The Oblivion series discarded flyers from weekly club events are weathered and then scraped and layered as a fine dust, likened to space dust. Untitled (Dog Walker), public communications layered until no message is left but the remnants of the action and suppression. Old Fucking Navy, Seel and Sunshine, repossessed containers melted down distorting the rigid, forcing it from function to abstract. These monochromatic forms yet synthetic mimic natural deconstructed forms like a tree with cancer or rocks molded together from erosion.

Andrew Laumann was born (1987) in Baltimore, MD (USA) where he lives and works. He is self taught, instead of enrolling in college he spent his formative years as a drifter around the country. He moved back to Baltimore (2009) and immediately founded the Pent House Gallery. Desperate Living is his first solo exhibition in France.

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