Angela Detanico / Rafael Lain — Two Voices


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Angela Detanico / Rafael Lain
Two Voices

Past: September 8 → October 20, 2012

Two Voices is the fifth solo show of Angela Detanico and Rafael Lain at galerie Martine Aboucaya. Fascinated by what exceeds man and his understanding of what surrounds him, they draw systems of representation and writing of time, space and infinite from scientific, mathematical and literary researches. Inherited of the conceptual statement, established in the use of new mediums like sound, graphic and plastic creation, their thought process appears in a meticulous and uncluttered poetic formalism.

Two Voices (N) is a reproduction of the Sun and the Moon’s cyclic courtship. This double video projection creates in the gallery space the eastern sunrise and moonrise and the western sunset and moonset of each day of 2012. While they last longer and longer or shorter and shorter in the sky, according to the seasons, they are associated with a higher or a longer sound. From 366 days to 366 minutes, the daily variations, evolutions and interactions of solar and lunar rhythms, of diurnal and nocturnal rhythms are accelerated to highlight some parts of a celestial dance we usually don’t pay attention to.

The real-time hands of Timewaves (Chapter I) and Timewaves (Chapter IX) slowly compose and decompose a description of Virginia Woolf, respectively taken from the opening page of the first and the last chapter of The Waves. Each of these pages describes the sun’s reflects on the waves at the beginning or at the end of the day, at the beginning or at the end of the book. Hiding most of the text, Angela Detanico and Rafael Lain paradoxically add a new poetic dimension : like Woolf’s six characters, our understanding of the text is subject to the passing of time, though, like them, we never get more than a fragmentary vision of it.

At the same time, a new text piece series is spread through the gallery : plein/vide (litt. full/empty), shine/shade, first/last, tout/rien (litt. everything/nothing) and loin/près (litt. far/close) give a visual and mental assembly of two words that were supposed to be fundamentally opposed.

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