Past: December 13, 2014 → January 31, 2015

The gallery in Situ presents for the first time the work of Dominique Zinkpè. Born in 1969 in Cotonou, the self-taught Beninese visual artist started as a sculptor and gradually shifted toward painting and drawing.

The space of his canvases or papers depicts hybrid and mysterious creatures in perpetual motion and swing, toggling between euphoria and intimidation, without revealing the true nature of their relationship.

In practice, he seeks to give substance to his spiritual states, allowing his “demons” to contaminate every surface within his field of vision. While on exhibition, the walls of the gallery will be subject to this contamination in situ.

Anima is a project where the notion of “one’s wind”, as an expression of the soul, plays a major role. Animism is indeed an essential reference in the work and in daily life of Dominique Zinkpè.

In Situ Gallery, Fabienne Leclerc Gallery
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Thursday – Saturday, 11 AM – 7 PM

The artist

  • Dominique Zinkpè