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Anni Leppälä
The Book of Images

Past: December 4, 2014 → January 17, 2015

The connections between the images are essential to my work. How the images affect each other and what kind of relations they create between each other. I try to trace this emerging “third image” between two or several images; the various combinations of images compose different interpretations; it is like an uncovering of new thoughts.

My works do not consist of separate series, but the recent images expand the already existing entity of works. This starting point also conducts the situation of photographing. I am looking for elements of the visible reality that could be recognized as conveyors of a certain experience or atmosphere and that also could create connections with the already existing images.

For me photographs are like fixed points in the process of change and alteration. They open up for observation and they allow the viewer to step closer. One can gather trust and confidence in recognizing something in them, but simultaneously, photographs have another kind of nature — a side turning towards the invisible and the unidentified. What finally becomes recognized can be something “outside” the image, something out of sight — something imperceptible. In this momentary experience, something is revealed. It is not something “that­has­been”, but rather something that exists and is present here and now.

Anni Leppälä

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