Lohaus, Guaita, Croft & Caravaggio



Lohaus, Guaita, Croft & Caravaggio

Past: November 7, 2015 → January 16, 2016

Bernard Bouche gallery announces a group exhibition featuring works by:

Bernd Lohaus Carlo Guaita José Pedro Croft Gianni Caravaggio

Bernd Lohaus (Düsseldorf 1940 — Anvers 2010)

The artist mainly used wood, stone and paper in his work. On the pieces of wood that he found, Lohaus would add small things such as short texts, whereby the interaction between the objects in relation to each other and in relation to the space was of great importance. Recent solo exhibitions include Fremdkörper, Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp, Belgium 2014 and MAC’s Grand Hornu, Musée des Arts Contemporains, Hornu, Belgium.

Galerie bernard bouche bernd lohaus medium
Bernd Lohaus, vue de l’exposition à la Galerie Bernard Bouche Courtesy of the artist & Galerie Bernard Bouche, Paris

Carlo Guaita ( Palermo, 1954)

The artist works with many different materials, including: paper, wood and marble; adding texts of some ancient naturalist authors. Carlo Guaita seeks a new form of landscape representation and of modernity. He freely brings in his work texts like inventories and miscellaneous works reproductions (cards, pictures, sculptures) of different sizes, without any defined standards but unpredictable relationships and compatibilities.

Galerie bernard bouche vue exposition medium
Vue de l’exposition à la Galerie Bernard Bouche Courtesy of the artist & Galerie Bernard Bouche, Paris

José Pedro Croft (Oporto, 1957)

The artist diverts daily objects from their original function. What interests him is a feeling of precarious balance between stable and unstable which, according to the artist, “reflects the transitional nature of the world”. José Pedro Croft has exhibited extensively across Portugal, Spain and South America including solo exhibitions at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, the Serralves Foundation, the Berardo Collection, the National Museum Centre of Art Reina Sofia, the Pinacotheca of the State of São Paulo, and at the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro.

Gianni Caravaggio (Rocca San Giovanni, 1968)

Each of his works of art is set on the ground, without a pedestal to separate them from the floor. The artist uses humble materials like flour along with marble and bronze. In Caravaggio’s works the dimension of the floor becomes a true horizon of the events, a shore of possibility. His latest works are displayed at The Museum of Modern Art of Saint-Etienne and at The MAGA Museum Gallarate, Italy.

Galerie bernard bouche gianni caravaggio medium
Gianni Caravaggio, vue de l’exposition à la Galerie Bernard Bouche Courtesy of the artist & Galerie Bernard Bouche, Paris
  • Lohaus — Guaita — Croft — Caravaggio — Ouverture de l’exposition Opening Saturday, November 7, 2015 at 2 PM
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The artists

  • Carlo Guaita
  • Bernd Lohaus
  • Gianni Caravaggio
  • José Pedro Croft