Antoine Schneck Les Beautés Singulières



Antoine Schneck Les Beautés Singulières

Past: May 18 → June 24, 2017

Exhibition of 25 photos

Forgetting architect’s vocation diverted towards the cinema, Antoine Schneck chooses in 1992 the photography as his approach of the Central Europe and Black Africa. In Burkina Faso, in Mali, in Sudan and in Ethiopia, he experiments a technique of portrait in mobile, insulating studio on a black bottom the face enlightened without shadow; it is the beginning of its important series " Of the mask in the soul ", which is worth to him 1999 a first gratitude with the operation “Attention Talents” and a broadcast through the network of the Galleries Fnac of Paris, Toulouse, Nantes and Marseille. Permanently enriched, of work will be presented in several personal exhibitions and will know a variant with the series “Their Dog” shown in 2010 to the Museum of the Hunting and the nature in Paris and settled in permanent exhibition in the gallery of illustrious of the Castle of Beauregard, in Loir-et-Cher. At the same time, fascinated by the medium of the fixed image in large format and by his digital revolution, Antoine Schneck develops the protocol of shooting which allows him to release the perspective of its flight point and to invite his spectator to travel in his images to find an exact perception of the volumes and the depths there. The process which Schneck applies as well to the industrial spaces of the Paris region as to the still life, to the vegetable or to the sculpture, ends in the impressive series of the “Recumbent figure” of the Royal monastery of Hull, near Bourg-en-Bresse and in the life-size reproduction of the “Diving suit” of 1882.

The gallery Berthet-Aïttouarès which represents Antoine Schneck since 2005 exposes its last work, " The Singular Beauties ", put into series of portraits moved closer, executed in pigmentary editions, realized according to a negative in the wet collodion and a grip seen digital.

The final expression, obtained by collage on glass patch, delivers faces of the extraordinary truth, supported in great detail and the material, reached by a mixed technique binding the current processes with the primitive solutions of the photography.

  • Opening Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 6 PM
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