Apocalypse-10 destins


Drawing, new media, mixed media, video

Apocalypse-10 destins

Past: September 24 → October 31, 2014

An interactive fiction of a new kind, combining comics, animation and documentary archives, Apocalypse–10 Lives immerses the user in the First World War, following the stories of the ten characters-heroes. These ten lives, perspectives on those terrible years, experience the war, intertwine and encounter anonymous or famous real people. They cover the conflict on all fronts and take us into the heart of rebellions and exoduses, to the sea, the countryside, the cities, the factories and the back rooms of the royal, industrial and political powers.

James  vl original medium
Artiste Inconnu, Apocalypse-10 destins, 2014 © CC&C — Idéacom International Web — FTV NE — Film Factory

Written by Pascale Ysebaert and Vincent Borel, the graphic design is by Leeroy Vanilla. The exhibition presents tables, video and facsimiles to enable the public to discover the production process that uses drawings and documentary archives, and to understand, through the emotions and sensations inspired by the drawings, the consequences of war and its effect on people’s lives.

  • Opening Tuesday, September 23, 2014 6 PM → 8:30 PM

    Entrée libre

  • Nuit Blanche — Apocalypse-10 destins Event October 4 → 5, 2014

    Ouverture exceptionnelle pour Nuit Blanche

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Monday – Friday, 10 AM – 6 PM

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The artists

  • Leeroy Vanilla
  • Vincent Borel
  • Pascale Ysebaert