Fil sensible — Dans le cadre du festival Art Saint Germain des Prés


Drawing, installation, lithography / engraving, photography...

Fil sensible
Dans le cadre du festival Art Saint Germain des Prés

Past: May 31 → July 7, 2012

Gathering François Génot, Muriel Moreau and Line Orcière in the same exhibition was obvious. As they live and work in different places and as they studied in different schools, these young artists had not met yet. Notwithstanding, their work follow a thread of similar sensitivities, which are always developed in contact with nature, then refined and sharp when drawing.

Each of these artists uses a specific technique:

François Génot applies (in particular) to charcoal in a wide format; Muriel Moreau practices engraving (combined with other techniques) and Line Orcière draws large detailed ballpoint pen pictures on canvas. All three contribute to graphical work as a musician would play an instrument.

The coppices, thickets or wild lands of François Génot take over the gallery walls as vegetation would overrun an abandoned area: shimmering with the life growing inside of them, they invite us to be immersed in the space between branches and to listen to their breathing. In the meantime, les 54 Hypothèses de la Fonte du Glacier du Saint Gothard punctuates the space with mental, reckless and heartless projections about the change in the nature.

Alternating “sap” and “ash” tones as a pulse rate, Muriel Moreau works in an aerial, nearly volatile way, especially when it comes to Échappées d’âme, a mossy vegetation in which nuances of our sensitivity can be recognized. The Alma polyptychs are mapping seismographic movements, lines or constellations of our indoor and outdoor spaces. On their sides, Arbol engravings stylize tree cuts and strongly put us in the heart of their rings.

Line Orcière’s refined and cruel drawings make us touch the mild and trembling coat of animals as well as their smooth and bristle plumage. As a strident cry in a snowy countryside, these animals suddenly appear in the vast space and break the surface of the canvas creating fluid rhythms, pure grace, gross savagery and unpredictable impulses. These are the blazing and transparent emblems of forces in ourselves.

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