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Artiste, Auteur, Interprète : séminaire

Past: Friday, November 30, 2018 at 10:30 AM

“And besides, it’s always others who die”.

Marcel Duchamp’s epitaph

The present-day composer refuses to die.

Edgar Varèse quoted by Frank Zappa


In 1967, Roland Barthes published The Death of the Author in Aspen, an unusually rich multimedia magazine. Taking another look at where authors stand fifty years after the proclamation of their death is not without relevance, on condition that we not stop there, that we look ahead. That is to say ahead and also aside. Not only is there an undeniable contemporary-art effect on all arts, but artists and curators (sometimes they are one and the same) are multiplying their exchanges and collaborations in a more or less democratic spirit. Furthermore, artists increasingly see their work in terms of the activity of an author or composer, weather speaking of scripts or scores, and on the other hand they are producing less and less theory or narrative.

During these two days, the words of essayists and theorists will intersect with performance, music and film. As a reflection and discussion on the perpetual redistribution of the author’s role, on how exhibitions and works are always critiques of a state of affairs and the expression of a desire for elsewhere, these meeting days will be our way of celebrating 1968 before the bell tolls. Author, critic, artist, spectator, translator, performer: who takes what from whom? Which of them needs to be born and which needs to die in the execution of the creative act?



10:30am: “The Death of the Author, an Old Story”, Patrick Javault.

10:45am: “Retorting (through) Exhibition” Elitza Dulguerova.

11:15am: “Anyway, the World is Really Badly Written, So…” Jean-Charles Massera.

12:30pm: “On an Idea by Duchamp”, performance by Thierry Madiot.


2:30pm: “Hacked circuit” film by Deborah Stratman (15min)

3pm: Reading by Hanne Lippard.

3:45pm: “Performing Someone Else” Stefano Chiodi.

5pm: “Chaoscaccia” by Pascale Criton for solo cello, performed by Deborah Walker. Introduction by Pascale Criton and Deborah Walker in conversation.

6pm: “Backward genesis” by Chiara Vecchiarelli.

6:45 pm: “Optimism” by Deborah Stratman (15min)

7pm: “Fields Have Ears 4”, by Michael Pisaro, performed by Didier Aschour (guitar), Thierry Madiot (trombone), Seijiro Murayama (percussion), Deborah Walker (cello).

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  • Didier Aschour
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  • Elitza Dulguerova
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  • Hanne Lippard
  • Patrick Javault
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