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Asia now
A2Z Art Gallery

Past: October 20 → 23, 2016

Curatorial project of A2Z Art Gallery: a bridge between Asia and Europe.

At the Booth B217

For the second edition of Asia Now art fair, A2Z Art Gallery presents the encounter between, on the one hand, Hom Nguyen, a French artist, coming from Vietnam, the Art Paris Art Fair 2016’s favorite artist, recently presented his solo exhibition titled Inner Cry, and on the other hand, four Chinese artists, Chen Wei, Ji Jun, Zhang Lehua and Zhou Yilun, having been presented at the MIC / MAC exhibition, and selected, among others, by the Chinese curator Dai Zhuoqun.

This event invited the public to (re)discover the current face of Chinese contemporary art. Illustrating the bridge trying to connect both European and Asian scene, A2Z Art Gallery intends to defend the vision of Art, democratizing the mind of the public, immersed in a reflection on humanity, its history and its culture.

Misc venues for this event

The artists

  • Hom Nguyen
  • Chen Wei
  • Jiang Zhuyun
  • Ji Jun
  • Zhou Yilun
  • Zhang Lehua