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Collage, drawing, new media, painting...

Asia now
Galerie Paris-Beijing

Past: October 20 → 23, 2016

Galerie Paris-Beijing is proud to present an eclectic selection of works, ranging from video art to painting and installation, attesting to the formal variety that characterizes the art scene in China today. Both considered as major actors of the Chinese independent artistic scene, Chen Yujun & Chen Yufan work on the notion of space and territoriality with a reference to their cultural heritage. Their multidisciplinary artistic practice leads them to the creation of ambitious structures made of recycled materials. Looking like theatrical sceneries, they are strongly influenced by the architecture of their native province of Fujian.

Gong Jiang’s intimist paintings are also inspired by familiar places of his daily life, the works Observation of a grey tree and Portrait of a tree depict the same subject during two different moments of its living cycle: autumn and spring. Paris-based Chinese artist Fu Site plays with the spatial layers, introducing a psychological dimension to interior sceneries. His canvases seem to superimpose different levels of the narrative bringing hallucinatory visions to life: fantastical presences make their appearance in a typical Victorian décor. In his animated videos, Wang Haiyang fully expresses himself through stream of consciousness. Freud, Fish and Butterfly is an animated painting resulting from his extraordinary pastel drawings and successive erasures. Through his installations, Gao Lei freely cross the border between the virtual and the real. The artist deprives everyday objects of their functional properties transforming, combining or linking two apparently unrelated items. Here again, the original meaning is lost, but a new connection between the object and its surrounding environment is established.

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The artists

  • Hom Nguyen
  • Chen Wei
  • Jiang Zhuyun
  • Ji Jun
  • Zhou Yilun
  • Zhang Lehua