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Asia Now
Paris Asian Art Fair

Past: October 17 → 21, 2018

ASIA NOW 2018 will highlight the richness and dynamism of the Japanese artistic scene. The fair will host the Japanese Platform curated by Emmanuelle de Montgazon, associate curator of A Japanese Season at the Centre Pompidou-Metz in 2017-2018. The Japanese programme will be organised as part of Japonismes 2018, a series of cultural events celebrating the 160th anniversary of Franco-Japanese relations.

ASIA NOW expands this year with a new 150 m2 exhibition space dedicated to the Japanese Platform. The scenography will be conceived by the notorious Sou Fujimoto Architects. It will welcome ten renowned galleries, including established galleries such as Misa Shin Gallery (Tokyo) and young, emerging galleries.

Throughout the week, ASIA NOW will be a place of exchange, of discovery, and of exclusive presentations thanks to a programme which will introduce, for the first time in France, major figures of the Japanese scene, including both established and up-and-coming artists.

Among the in situ projects created specifically for ASIA NOW will be a spectacular installation by Makoto Aida, a provocative artist whose works blend manga, painting, video, photography, and installations and question the norms of contemporary Japanese society.

Another highlight of the fair, the performance programme will include the collective Contact Gonzo with a viral performance that combines contact dance and street-fighting, shown for the first time in France.

New this year, the ASIA NOW 2018 fair will feature a rich video program, presenting video art and documentaries, both by and about artists.
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9 Avenue Hoche

75008 Paris

Charles de Gaulle–Étoile

Opening hours

Wednesday, October 17: 11am-7pm Thursday, October 18: 11am-7pm Friday, October 19: 11am-8pm Saturday, October 20: 11am-8pm Sunday, October 21: 11am-6pm

Admission fee

Full rate €15.00 — Concessions €10.00