Augustin Rebetez


Drawing, photography, video

Augustin Rebetez

Past: February 28 → March 30, 2014

Augustin Rebetez (born in 1986, based in Mervelier) is a Jack of all trades with a quick way about him and a voracious appetite for work.

Originally a photographer, Rebetez has also proved adept at drawing, sculpture, animated film and installation, and has increasingly turned to collaborative work for his exhibitions and notably a feature film shot in Lagos. He was awarded the Rencontres d’Arles’ Photo Folio Review Prize in 2010, and Vevey’s Grand Prix international de photographie in 2013. His style is an effusive, shifting mania for the makeshift, a bricolage that is shot through with humor.

Augustin Rebetez’s style is an effusive, shifting mania for the makeshift. Bricolage that is shot through with humor. For his first solo show in Paris, at the Centre culturel suisse, Rebetez has developed the idea of a teeming “minuscule exhibition” made up of a multitude of small-format works: framed drawings, paintings, texts, and videos playing on several screens. Mind the madness!

Augustin Rebetez
  • Opening Friday, February 28, 2014 6 PM → 9 PM
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