Aymeric Fouquez — Ets. Giorgetti, Sculptures



Aymeric Fouquez
Ets. Giorgetti, Sculptures

Past: May 15 → June 30, 2012

Ets Giorgetti, Sculptures is the third show of Aymeric Fouquez, at the gallery Les Douches. His work is always dedicated to the North — his childhood territory — with his such particular point of view.

“The sublime is corrosive”

Jacques Prévert, Fatras.

Ets. Giorgetti, Sculptures comprises the second part of a forward looking work that was begun several years ago in the North of France.

This time it focuses on a sole place, Giorgetti & Co.—a coal business created in the ‘20’s by an immigrant Italian family whose third generation members continue to deliver rare bags of coal to a few neighboring houses. They also supply fuel oil, gas, potatoes, endives and apples. But the most striking part is not so much due to the number and variety of things you find there but the way they’re put together.

The multitude of objects, animals, and materials that fill up the space is matched only by the ingenuity used to arrange the stuff in an orderly manner. The order itself springs from an initial questioning. And the result is a permeable line drawn between the useful and the obsolete, at the very point where chaos, inventiveness, time, and the random crisscross and take shape.

Aymeric Fouquez, April 2012
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