Babi Badalov — Art is Myth I am Real


Collage, drawing, painting, poetry

Babi Badalov
Art is Myth I am Real

Past: May 21 → June 20, 2015

Jérôme Poggi announces the first parisian solo show by Azeri artist Babi Badalov. A political refugee in France since 2011, Babi Badalov is a wanderer, a forced nomad from Azerbaïjan who has spent most of his life between various countries, cultures and languages.

Exhibited worldwidely (Manifesta 8, Plateau in Paris, MUKHA in Antwerpen, Tranzit in Prague, Garage in Moscow, New Museum in New York, etc), his paintings, drawings, collages and installations are essentially poetical and political, mixing words, alphabets, etymologies and meanings in an ornemental way, that echoes to the chaotic melting-pot of contemporary globalization.

  • Opening Thursday, May 21, 2015 at 5 PM
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Tuesday – Saturday, 11 AM – 7 PM

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