Bakary Diallo invite Julien Creuzet  — Anw Bara Kow, les choses de chez nous


Drawing, installation, sculpture, video

Bakary Diallo invite Julien Creuzet 
Anw Bara Kow, les choses de chez nous

Past: March 16 → April 27, 2013

Bakary Diallo began the practice of the visual arts and of the cinema to the Conservatory of Arts and Crafts multimédia Balla Fasséké Kouyaté of Bamako where from he realizes the movie The Light (2010) which sets up itself against the dictatorship and stages people, represented by lemons, who fights to reach the democracy.

His works are essentially based on details and use objects of the everyday life to build itself. With images strongly influenced, from the aesthetic point of view, by the photography, Bakary Diallo practises a style of often very clear-cut and given rhythm enough assembly. His narratives are relatively logical in their structuring, but very simplified. They just seize the essential moment, the precise moment when the action occurs, and takes place besides. What gets for its works a kind of narrativité very contracted, strange and original. It is the reduction of the narrative in the bare minimum until touch sometimes the abstract or the riddle.

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